Departures every week on Thursdays.
If there are 3 or more of you, can be arranged on a different day.
Cost from $90
Distance: 30-70 km.
Off-road/asphalt: 80\20.
What is included in the price: motorcycle rental, equipment rental, guide-mechanic services, route
Depends on the route
Possibility to ride your own motorcycle:
What months this tour can be done:
Tour dates in 2024:
Every Thursday or upon request

Cost: starting at $90 (see all prices below)

Deposit when renting a motorcycle for the tour $200 for a HondaCRF 250 L, $500 for a Husqvarna 701 Enduro. Refundable upon completion of the tour if there is no damage. Liability for damage to the motorcycle in excess of the deposit denomination is calculated at the conclusion of the tour and will be made up by the rider in full.

To participate in the tour it is obligatory to have a driver's license with category A and medical insurance.

*You can also order a gift certificate for a motorcycle tour for your dear person.
Cost and distance
Read more about short enduro tours
Short enduro tours are a great way to tighten up or learn how to ride an enduro. In just a few hours you will learn how to storm rivers, properly pass uphill and downhill, ride on sandy sections.
And most importantly you will experience the beauty of Georgia.

Routes of short enduro-tours:

The level of complexity of the route is formed depending on the wishes and skill level of riders.
We have worked out routes of different categories of complexity.
There is a route, which will pass the rider even without experience riding an enduro-motorcycle. And there are routes that are suitable only for Hardenduro.
All routes have viewpoints, authentic villages.
What is included in the tour price:
- Motorcycle rental
- Gasoline
- Rental of motorcycle equipment (cross helmet, mask, turtle, kneepads, motorcycle boots, pants, jersey, gloves, raincoat).
- Guide-coach services
- Services of mechanic + tow truck
What bikes are we riding?
Honda CRF-250L.
This is a lightweight soft-enduro. Anyone can handle it.
The tour plan is as follows:
1. Gather at the base at the agreed time
2. Introductory briefing. Put on the equipment.
3. Go on the agreed route.
4. Return to the base. Change clothes.
2-5 hours
20-100 km
1-7 participants, 1 guide
Difficulty level
Beginner / Intermediate
We travel on Honda CRF-250L motorcycles. Enduro motorcycle that will never let you down: easy handling, optimal weight - 145 kg, electric starter, excellent traction at the lows, ideal suspension for moderate off-road. The motorcycle is ideal for riding both on dirt and asphalt.
The CRF-250L can be ridden by both beginners who want to join the class of off-road motorcycles and experienced enduro fans.
Guides on the route
Ivan Kozlachkov, Sergey Darovskikh, Sergey Ovsyankin,
Our professional guides have traveled all over Georgia to find the best routes for you!


You can also order a tour as a gift

*You can order remotely

with motorcycle rental
from $200
with motorcycle rental
from 1000 $
with motorcycle rental
from 1400 $
with motorcycle rental
from 2000 $


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